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Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe boating, providing civic services, and enjoyment of like minded people in fun social settings. This is accomplished through three major activities:

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Public Boating Safety classes and Advanced member classes covering nearly every imaginable boating topic.

Cooperative charting outings for the NOAA and FAA.

Scheduled social events including dinners, cookouts, boating trips and raft ups.


The area in which we work is the East and South Houston areas and the Galveston Bay area. We have a sister squadron named Houston Sail and Power Squadron (see links) that operates on the North and West side of Houston.

There are minimal requirements for membership, including a demonstrated interest in boating safety, but once joined, all of these activities are open to you. Won't you consider joining us.

If you have questions regarding our purpose, membership or activities, just click on the buttons to the left. If questions still remain, use our contacts button to reach us.


Just three short years ago, Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron celbrated 50 years of rich history.

The home page refers to the Houston Power Squadron as our sister squadron, but the reality is that GBSPS can be thought of more as an offspring of Houston Power Squadron than a sibling.

It was back in 1957, through the efforts of P/C Richard Sinclair, that a Piloting class was given in LaPorte, Texas by the Houston Power Squadron. Of those present, 25 students indicated an interest in becoming United States Power Squadron members. This expression of interest blossomed into the formation of a new squadron.

After going through the necessary administrative work, the new squadron was chartered, with the following as the first slate of officers:

  • Commander Robert H. Bailey
  • Lt/C Ellis R. Thronburg
  • 1/Lt Jack R. Akridge
  • Secretary John J. Shemunatz
  • Treasurer William R. Poore
  • Executive Committee: Calvin A. Barkley, Russell F. Klinger, George A. Moran

Galveston Bay Power Squadron was given its official charter on 6 May, 1958. It wasn't until 2008 that the decision was made to rename the squadron to Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron to more accurately reflect the type of boating our constituents do, as well as recognize that many potential members were disenchanted with the idea of a "power boats only" organization, when in fact nearly 50% of the membership were in fact sailors.


Commander Jim Hammond Commander info

Squadron Education Officer Info

Administrative Officer Info

Administrative Officer Candy Capuano-Day

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Treasurer Info


Treasurer Marvin Frank
Our Executive Officer (XO) Past Commander Info
Member at Large #1 Info Member at Large Ronnie Foster
Member at Large Charles Gautier

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Member at Large #3 info

Member at Large William Fink

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Assistant Secretary Info

Assistant Treasurer Susan Morawski

Assistant Treasurer info



Membership in the United States Power Squadrons

In order to become a member, you may take one of our approved Boater Safety Courses, either in person or online, or you may obtain safe-boating knowledge through an approved organization such as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary boating safety course, or attain your nautical knowledge through training in the Navy, or as a Coast Guard License Holder. For all the details and exceptions, please see the question and answer section, which is a link taking you directly to the National Website Question and Answers.

Once you are accepted as a member, you will be sworn in at one of our monthly meetings, and the fun will begin.

While safe boating education remains our primary focus, we have strong social and volunteer functions occurring all the time. As a member in Galveston Bay Power Squadron, you will have some of the following benefits:

  • A huge and diverse membership with 245 Active and Additional Active Members, 11 Family Members, and 1 Junior Family Member.
  • As the largest squadron membership in District 21, you have access to all of the various courses in both the elective areas and the advanced grades on a frequent basis, in the modern facilities on the beautiful grounds of Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook, TX..
  • A very active member involvement committee, which insures the opportunity to participate as much as you wish.
  • Cooperative Charting (both nautical and geodetic) Activities.
  • A Vessel Safety Check program, where you may have your own vessel checked, as well as be trained and certified to check and award others.
  • Frequent on-the-water boating activities, with owners and non-owners working together to make sure everyone has the opportunity to go out on the water. Activities range from simple one-day raft ups, to short cruises to facilities that can be reached by land or water, or even long-distance cruises to other area ports.
  • Plans in progress for a youth program.
  • Monthly meetings, which are always enjoyable social events ranging from potluck dinners, to a beautiful, formal dinner dance during the holiday season at one of the local yacht clubs.

Some of the benefits available to all members, regardless of squadron include:

  • Some of the most well-written and presented nautical courses available.
  • Discounts for members under most current insurance carriers, with some providing even deeper discounts for completion of the advanced courses.
  • Opportunity for insurance through the USPS Boat Insurance Program, with outstanding rates.
  • A Port Captains system, which provides lists of contacts throughout the United States, wherever you choose to cruise, affording the local knowledge, which in many cases can mean the difference between fun and outright disaster.
  • A credit card program with a major bank, giving a special USPS logo card, with some level of discount on the rates.

I think as you read through all of the benefits available, you will feel as I do: You would be a fool not to take advantage of all this. Hope to see you soon.


Questions and Answers

You may have many questions that run the entire gamut from "How do I get my boat inspected?" to "How do I find out where the classes are being held?" Hopefully you have found many of your answers here. Another resource we have provided is the following link to our National Headquarters Question and Answer page, that gives details for most of the questions that are common to the many squadrons that make up the United States Power Squadrons. If you have not found your answers within their site or our, please contact me (the Webmaster), or any of the people listed on our Board tab on the Home Page for more information.

United States Power Squadrons national website Questions and Answers